DoggyRade 16.9 fl. oz Pouch

DoggyRade is a prebiotic isotonic drink that supports good intestinal health in dogs. It contains natural fiber prebiotics, electrolytes and amino acids to support a targeted nutrition approach. It contains prebiotics that increase the activity of beneficial microorganisms in the gut. These prebiotics support good gut health, improve digestion and nutrient absorption and can help prevent acute illnesses. It also includes the necessary electrolytes to help dogs rehydrate quickly, helping them return to normal function more effectively.

Customer Reviews

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Nicole B.
Great for Lick Mats!

My dogs got a chance to try this and they absolutely LOVE it! I started adding some to their lick mat and it’s a nice treat for them and keeps them distracted! Definitely going to order more because my fur babies deserve the very best!

Arcadia Kendall
My babies love it

My three dogs love the drink on the very hot days here in Riverside, California. It does let them be more relaxed instead panting all day long. They appear more energetic and not as thirsty. Love them.

S. Wood
Placing my second order soon.

I ordered several pouches of DoggyRade (regular and pro) when my service dog became ill with Ehlrichia (a serious tick born disease). His trainer/vet provided me with a pouch along with his antibiotics to boost his system. I could see the benefit of the DoggyRade even with the first pouch. This will be my go to from now on when my dog needs extra wellness support and I will always have some in hand.

What's Inside

Filtered water, hydrolysed chicken protein, glucose, minerals.

NaCl 0.35%, K 0.07%, Na 0.11%, P 0.03%.

(Per kg): Glycine 3500mg. Zootechnical Additives (Per kg): Fructo-oligosaccharide 1000mg. Technological Additives (Per kg): Xanthan gum 1200mg (emulsifier), Phosphoric acid.

11kcal/ 100g

Toy (Up to 11lb or 5kg): 2-4 oz or 50-100ml

Small (11 - 22lb or 5-10kg): 4-8oz or 100-200ml

Medium (20 - 50lb or 10-25kg): 8-16oz or 200-500ml

Large (50 - 100 lb or 25-50kg): 16-32oz or 500-1,000ml