June 02, 2022 1 min read

Lightning Strikes Flyball Incredible Performance at Flyball Open World Cup Belgium 2022

Lightning Strikes Flyball represented Great Britain this May at the Flyball Open World Cup in Belgium. On Saturday, they performed incredibly well and won their division after gaining maximum points. This resulted in a spot in Division One for the following day. They were one of just two teams who gained maximum points, after winning all of their races. Great Britain came second in points overall. 

Sunday resulted in some tricky draws in the double elimination. Lightning Strikes seeded eighth at the start, and out of 64 teams they finished sixth - an excellent result. According to the team,“One of our quicker dogs came into season a few weeks ago, so unfortunately we didn't have her, so this placing was even more impressive for us.”

They brought six dogs with them to Belgium, as the format of the competition is very physically demanding. The team explained, “We needed dogs to swap in if some got tired. We took five border collies and one crossbreed.” Lightning Strikes Flyball Team

Dogs: Jelly, Mako, Mazikeen, Rioja, Flare, Dingerbell. 
Handlers: Mel, Kim, Lis, Kate, Becky, Juddy. 
Box loader: Marc 
Crew: Kelly, Michael, Heather

Impressive times by Lightning Strikes

The team’s fastest combination time was an incredible 15:36, and 15:74 was the fastest border collie time run. Great Britain finished second overall in the World Cup rankings, and rankings were based on the top three performing teams from each country.

DoggyRade are proud sponsors of Lightning Strikes Flyball team, and we can’t wait to see how they perform in their upcoming competitions in 2022.