March 30, 2022 2 min read

DoggyRade Pro is not just for Dogs!

Hogsprinkle is a wildlife rescue service in Ireland that rehabilitates sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife. They specialise in treating hedgehogs, which they have nicknamed Spiky Butts. Hogsprinkle is self-funded and all their amazing work is completed by special volunteers. 

Hogsprinkle has been utilising DoggyRade Pro to rehydrate and improve their rescued hedgehogs’ health. The founder of Hogsprinkle has described how DoggyRade Pro can provide the same fantastic results in other animals that they do for dogs and cats:

“As a registered vet nurse, I know the importance of rehydration in any species and as most of our wildlife patients are severely dehydrated on admission, they need to have emergency fluids to counteract shock and to support recuperation. 

DoggyRade Pro is an invaluable tool to encourage our casualties to take fluids, as water alone does not replace lost electrolytes. The delicious chicken flavour of DoggyRade Pro really helps our casualties to drink as they seem to enjoy it so much! DoggyRade Pro quickly aids hedgehogs in getting their appetite back and onto their natural foods faster as the electrolytes help address issues that dehydration causes.  Wild animals can become very stressed in human care, so the faster we can get them back to full health and ready for release again the better. 

DoggyRade Pro also contains prebiotics which helps to support gut health, improve digestion and nutrient absorption. The electrolytes, prebiotics, and essential amino acids help to increase appetite, therefore aiding faster recovery.”

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