March 08, 2022 1 min read

Hydration for Whelping Mothers

A dog who is about to give birth will often not want to eat or drink very much. Offer both DoggyRade and clean water in separate bowls beforehand. When whelping (the birthing process) starts, be patient, and make sure that the birthing process all goes normally.

Once the puppies are all born, it’s time to make sure that the mother is well hydrated. DoggyRade is a great help in this situation. It is much tastier than ordinary tap water, with a very pleasant chicken flavour. It contains all the electrolytes that the mother dog needs to replace.

DoggyRade can be used every day while the mother is nursing the puppies. Recommended amounts are given on the package. It will help provide the fluids that are necessary to make lots of milk. Remember that milk production will hit its peak at about four weeks after whelping, just before the pups are ready to start on solid food.

Nursing mothers should also be on a high-quality food. YummyRade, a low fat, low-calorie gravy topper, that can be used on top of this food to help improve food intake.